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Simply Accountable

Are you ready to get ONTRACK

About Me

Making a Positive Impact


As a mother of three I found that the most important thing I could do for myself and my family was stay healthy.  This didn't mean have the perfect body, it meant finding the time to move my body, eat nourishing food and stay in a positive mindset.  All of this was impossible until I found a tribe of women who had the same goals and held me accountable.  And that is what I am here to do for you.  To be your biggest cheerleader and help you to achieve your biggest goals.

Start your  journey  

with my  exclusive 4 week Accountability program

Program Includes :

  • 4 Weeks of daily Fitness accountability coaching through my ONTRACK program.  

  • ​​A Personal relationship with your coach.

  • All day, one to one support​

  • Help with managing calories​

  • Build a great routine that works specifically FOR YOU and YOUR LIFE.

  • Kickstart your health and fitness journey and build healthy, sustainable habits that get results​

  • Less than $10 per day 

Client Testimonials

More to come

Apply for ONTRACK
As this is a personal service where a coach will be in direct daily contact with you, places are extremely limited.  Please fill in all
the information below with as much detail as possible. All applications will be notified by email with contact details of available coaches in your area.

Thanks for submitting!


Terms and Conditions / Non Disclosure Agreement



This agreement is entered into by and between Toni LaCross, her associates and those parties associated with Nikki Gundy ON TRACK LTD (collectively hereinafter “Coach”) and _________________ (“Participant”).

WHEREAS, Coach has invested the time, effort and skill into obtaining and inventing certain methods which are incorporated into the services provided to Participant.
WHEREAS, these methods are proprietary and confidential information to Coach and are to remain proprietary and confidential as well as the property of Coach.
WHEREAS, Participant will be made privy to such information, systems, methods and information in participating with Coach which Coach intends to keep confidential and proprietary.
FOR VALID CONSIDERATION, the receipt and sufficiency of which is acknowledged herein, the parties agree as follows:
1. By obtaining the services of Coach as your accountability coach(es), you agree that you will be provided with information which is to be kept confidential. As such, you agree not to share, in any manner, the details of your relationship with Coach and/or the plan that is created for your specific situation. The method, system and requirements of Coach comprise “confidential information” belonging to Coach. Such information is the proprietary information of Coach and the means upon which Coach is able to complete her obligations. Participant agrees to keep such information confidential. Sharing such information with any other party, in any manner, is detrimental to Coach and her business. Dissemination of Confidential information to any other party who discloses the same is the responsibility of the Participant.
2. Coach does not claim to be a medical, psychological, nutritional or other expert. Coach does not have any particular certificates, licenses or permits relating thereto. Coach is not a personal trainer. 
3. The Participant understands and agrees that the engagement of Coach is for the sole purpose of accountability as it relates to the Participant’s workouts and diet. 
4. Participant can acknowledge that they are supported by Coach, but not the method, system, or combination of events which Coach provides to assist in the success of the Participant.

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